StAUTri is dedicated to maintaining close personal ties with all its alumni and hosting annual events to welcome back old family members.

Graduated 2017

Chris Kyte - President of StAUTri 2016/17, former Secretary 2013/14. Longest running member of the club!

Kristóf Anheuer - Captain of StAUTri 2016/17, former Treasurer 2015/16.

Miriam Veenhuizen - Treasurer of StAUTri 2016/17

Graduated 2015

Mark Diamond - Co-founder of StAUTri, former Club Captain. Founder of the Cliff Jumping: St Andrews movement

Arina Nagy-Vizitiu - Former President (2013/14), one of the clubs first female members.

Graduated 2014

Catherine Pendreigh- Member of the 1st committee: Social Secretary  2012-2013 and Development Officer 2013-2014. Races hard, trains harder but she's just so lovely.

Benjamin Hindson- Social Secretary 2013-2014 (He's got the Bants)

Sophie Hirst - Core member, models Microsoft shades like a pro.

Tamara Pratt - joined StAUTri from the Dark Side ie swimming club

Graduated 2013

Jorge Milburn Regusci - Co-Founder and Club President 2012-2013. Fuelled with Full Fat Coke

Robert LeMeur - First ever Club Treasurer. The only American to survive far

Dmitri MacMillan - Core member during the Club's founding year. Still disappointed we didn't camp in the snow during the club's first trip.